My lovely little lunch box’s peanut cookies 

@mylovelylittlelunchbox ‘s peanut butter cookies are amazing 😍😍 pictured here is 1 batch choc chip like the original and a second batch without the chocolate chips but topped with peanut 1/2’s for me!! 

These are so quick and easy and delicious and #refinedsugarfree (apart from the Choco chips which are optional) .


.Prepped and baked in 15 mins – perfect!!


. 🍪165g 100% peanut butter (like @meridianfoods or @picspeanutbutter 🍪cashews (I used flaked almonds)

🍪50g ground almonds 🍪40g desiccated coconut

🍪1tbsp vanilla bean paste (I used 1/2)

🍪2tbsp maple syrup (I used honey) 🍪65g chopped dark chocolate (I used milk chocolate drops) 🍪🍪Preheat oven to 160c

🍪🍪Line tray with baking paper

🍪🍪Chuck all ingredients bar the chocolate into a food processor and whizz until smooth

🍪🍪Stir in chocolate 🍪🍪Scoop out teaspoon at a time and roll into balls 🍪🍪Space evenly on the tray

🍪🍪Press down with a fork 🍪🍪Bake for 10-12 mins


🍪🍪Enjoy .