Bostik Halloween  crafts 

Sparkly Halloween masks!!

Anyone else’s princesses demand sparkle even when it’s meant to be scary??!!! Bostik’s got you covered!! Make your own sparkly Halloween mask or hop-tu-naa mask as we call it in the Isle of Man 

You will need –

Bostik white glu

Bostik glu dots

Different coloured sparky card

Plain black card

Sun, moon and stars gems, eyes and multicoloured sticks 

Marker pen 



1) cut around a plate on each piece of card

2)cut the glittery card into strips and use bostik glu to stick onto the black card

3) cut out 2 eye holes

4) use the bostik glue dots to stick the eyes down the middle piece

5) stick sun, moon and stars gems on one side with glu dots

6) attach the sticks to the other side with white glu

7) draw on eyelashes with pen

8) make a small hole each side and attach the elastic 

Tada!!! Done 💁🏼💁🏼