Broccoli and cheese omelettes 

Really tasty and super quick to make – these omelettes are a great option for a fast lunch or light tea.

💚 2 large eggs

💚 6 heads of frozen (or fresh broccoli) 

💚 handful of cheese 

💚 butter to fry in 

💚💚 pour boiling water over the Broccolli to blanch it then drain.

💚💚throw the Broccolli into a food processor with a tablespoon of the water and whizz until it’s puree 

💚💚 drain through in a sieve squeezing out any excess water and place into a bowl

💚💚whisk with s fork into the puree the 2 eggs 

💚💚 heat on a high temp pan a tbsp of butter 

💚💚when the butters bubbling pour in the egg mix

💚💚 pull the cooked egg from the edges into the centre with a spatula and allow the liquid to fill the space. Continue until all the egg mixture is firm.

💚💚on one side of the omelette throw a handful of cheese and the fold the other half of the omelette on top 

💚💚 cook for a few minutes and then flip and cook for another few minutes. 

💚💚 the outside will go nice and brown and golden and the cheese will be melted and runny 

💚💚 slice and serve and enjoy!!