Cinnamon and honey pancake coated Apple rings 

These cinnamon and honey pancake coated Apple rings aren’t the most photogenic – but they are DELICIOUS 😍😍

💛💛Make your pancake batter with;

💛150ml @iomcreamery milk

💛125g @laxeyflour self raising flour

💛1 egg

💛1tsp cinnamon

💛1 tbsp honey
 💛💛Core and slice 1 Apple thinly 

💛💛Heat a pan med / high with coconut oil and pour the excess into the pancake mix

 💛💛Dip (with tongs) a slice of apple in the mix and quickly place in pan (do 3 in the pan at a time) 

💛💛Cook until golden brown (this will happen quickly as the mix is thin and the honey can burn so keep an eye on it) on both sides

 💛💛Serve with a drizzle of honey and extra sprinkled cinnamon