Chocolate caramels 

Ingredients – 

🍬90g honey (no honey under 12 months – sub agave or maple syrup)

🍬60g coconut oil

 🍬50g cocoa powder

 🍬10 medjool dates

🍬Boiling water .


. 🍬🍬Make the date caramel by throwing all the dates into a food processor and whizzing up with a little boiling water to make a smooth paste, pop into a jar.

 🍬🍬Melt the coconut oil then mix in the honey and the cocoa powder

 🍬🍬Pour a little into the bottom of some moulds

 🍬🍬Freeze for 15 mins

 🍬🍬Add a ball of date paste to the top of the chocolate – leaving space round the side for the finishing layer of choc to meet

 🍬🍬Freeze for a further 15 mins

 🍬🍬Add a top layer of chocolate and freeze until ready to eat 

Delicious!!! .