Vanilla pancakes with strawberry sauce 

These are delicious and totally refined sugar free!! Recent no honey for under 12 months but you can sub with agave nectar or maple syrup ☺️
130g self raising flour
1tsp baking powder 
1 egg
150-160ml milk (any)
1tsp vanilla extract 
Small punnet strawberries (washed and pitted)

1 tbsp local honey
Whisk up the egg, flour, milk, baking powder and vanilla until smooth and put 3 spoonful drops into a pan (separately to make 3 pancakes) into a med/high pan lined with butter or coconut oil

In a separate pan chop the strawberries and bring to the boil with the honey, mash the strawberries with a fork and then simmer until thickened. 

Cook all the pancake mix and stack  the cooked pancakes and pour over the strawberry sauce 😍😍🍓🍓