Stamptastic review 

Guys!!! I literally wasted 2 hours of my life THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK by ironing labels in my girls clothes only for them to come off after ONE flipping wash and tumble dry – GGGGGGRRRRRRR

I saw Peta Todd using a stamper one and wished I’d seen them before I’d spent ages ironing however little did I know that they’d come off anyway! 

I was so happy when Francesca from Stamptastic offered to send me one to try. I LOVE IT! I got it a couple of weeks ago and have stamped, washed and timble dried the items at least 3 times since then and the stamp is still clear as day!! So easy to use and such a time saver! 

(I’ve used pics from the site as I don’t like to use my girls names on social media)

So easy to order too –

Choose your name to be either on one or two lines 

Choose your font

Choose a cute little icon (or not)

Review your order and add the stamp pad to the order and TADA you’re done!! 
Only a parent could have designed these realising the yearly struggle we all face haha 😂😂
Get one – you’ll thank me I swear!! 
Standard Name Stamp