b.box cups and bowl

So lucky to have been kindly sent these bowls and sippy cups from b.box.  

These bowls with the straw are SUCH a good, fun idea 🙌🏻🙌🏻

The girls usually tip up their bowls to get the milk from their cereal, or leave it, but these bowls let them drink it straight from the bowl!! 

Even better still is that you can remove the straw and attach the silicone cover which turns the bowl into a spill proof snack tub AND has a lid for snacking on the go 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Now I knew I would love the innovation that is these weighted straw bottles. Baby wakes up for water in the night, and if it’s a straw cup she will sometimes tip it up, leaving the straw out of the water – MAJOR KICK OFFS!!! These are brill and the girls love them as much as I do!! You can buy replacement straws and a special cleaner which you would definitely need if you were giving anything other than water in them to make sure 100% of residue is removed. REALLY impressed with both products – thank you very much b.box! ☺️


To order check out http://Www.bbox.com.au – they ship to U.K. from this site. And for all of you from the US the site is http://www.bboxbaby.com.

Bowl and straw – passion splash

sippy cup – orange zing – limited edition