Monster spider from Trolls!! 

Anyone else’s kids OBSESSED with the film Trolls? It feels like it’s on in our house every day haha! They have lots of little troll toys so I thought I’d make them a monster spider with the arts and crafts I was sent featuring bostik glue (which has a thick and thin spout, one at each end which is AMAZING for craft work!!) 

You will need- 

Pink felt

Purple felt

Polystyrene egg

Bostik glue

Foam hand

Blue pompom

3 green feathers 

2 green pipe cleaners

4 eyes (2 different sizes) 


Place the egg on the pink felt and cut off enough for it to be totally covered. Cover the egg with bostik glue using the wide end, place top down on the felt and wrap around the egg. Cut off any over hang of folds, but ensure that the whole egg is covered (you can stick on any cut offs if you need to)

Cut the purple felt into 3 strips, cover with bostik glue and wrap around the egg, sticking down well

Take your blue pompom and foam hand. Cut the hand and pompom in half.

Glue the pompom 1/2 to the egg 1/2 way down to make the mouth. Glue the fingers from the hand to the pompom to make the teeth

Using the thin tip of the bostick glue, stick on the eyes, bigger pair in the middle and smaller pair one each side

Take the pipe cleaners and fold in half, cut to make 4 equal lengths then fold in half again, cut to make 8 equal lengths 

Peel away some of the felt from the bottom and stick in 3 pipe cleaners each side to make 6 legs. Fold the felt carefully back over 

Make a hole in either side of the egg half way up, either with a pencil or carefully with the scissors. Place the last 2 pipe cleaners in these holes to make 2 arms 

On the back put a big blob of bostick glue and stick on the feathers to make the hair

Now you have the scary spider monster from the trolls movie!!

Ta da!!