Honey cinnamon bananas 

These are so yummy and so quick and easy – about 5 mins to plate!! 

🍌 1 firm banana 

🍌 1/2 tbsp coconut oil

🍌1 tbsp honey (not for under 12 months)


🍌vanilla extract

🍌1 tsp water
🍌🍌 Heat the oil on a med/high heat

🍌🍌 slice the banana into discs and place in the pan 

🍌🍌 Heat for a couple of mins on each side 

🍌🍌 while banana is heating, mix the honey, a drop of vanilla and water in a mug 

🍌🍌when banana is cooked turn down heat and pour the honey mix over

🍌🍌when the pan is nearly dry sprinkle banana with cinnamon 

🍌🍌leave to cool down a bit and serve as you please