Gemini dairy free chocolate review 

Oh my word 😍😍
I was lucky to receive some Gemini dairy free chocolate for review and it’s DELISH 😍😍
Not only is it dairy free it is organic , vegan and handmade!! Wow!! 
Loads of different flavour combinations 😍

My fav so far is the hazelnut and sutana ✌🏻

Gemini handmade organic chocolate is packed with natures’s goodness, meltingly rich and delicious. Crafted from unroasted cocoa beans and crystallised nectar from Palmyra tree blossom it contains health promoting nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins, all in a bar that delivers award-winning flavour. Its characteristic bittersweet taste is irresistibly moreish and it comes in an ever-changing array of unique flavour combinations, mixing this special chocolate with natural organic fruits, nuts and infusions.
What more could you want? I’ve just been eating it from the bar but can’t wait to try it in baking xx
Go check them out!!