Super easy to make – not very healthy but tasty AF!

A great way of using up a load of festive choc (Christmas, Easter etc) and perfect to batch make and give for presents.

Just use the basic recipe and add what ever you want! For malteasers I added 1.5 bags of malteasers to the mix and smashedbthe other 1/2 bag to the top. For caramel biscuit ones I chopped 8 caramel rocky bars – added 2/3 to the mix and added the rest to the top and some dairy milk caramel drops😍😍 for Oreos – Oreos!! For Christmas anything that was left in the cupboard……… biscuits, bits of chocolate, nuts …….. anything goes you can’t go wrong!!



This is a double batch so half the amounts of you don’t want so many- .


🍫Ingredients .

🍫370g butter (I used iom creamery)


. 🍫200g dark chocolate


🍫200g milk chocolate .

🍫170g plain flour (I used @laxeyflour ) . .

🍫80g cocoa powder


. 🍫6 large eggs (I used @closeleecefarm manx eggs) .

🍫550g caster sugar


🍫🍫Directions .

🍫🍫Preheat oven to 180c (160c fan) and Line a tin with baking paper .

🍫🍫Put the butter in a bowl with the 400g of dark and milk choc and melt over a pan of boiling water and put to one side to cool

. . 🍫🍫Add the eggs and caster sugar to a mixing bowl and using an electric whisk or a mixer whisk until the volume doubles in size and goes pale and creamy (takes about 3-5 mins) . .

🍫🍫Pour the melted choc and butter over the egg and sugar and stir using a plastic spatula using a figure of 8 action to slowly mix together (try and keep all the air in the mix) . .

🍫🍫Sieve in the flour and cocoa powder into the wet mix until combined and then add your chosen chocs as stated above


🍫🍫Pour the mix into the lined baking tin and push in the left over choc pieces into the top


🍫🍫Bake for 25 mins. If it still wobbles when you bring it out then pop it in for a further couple of minutes and then a further couple more if it still wobbles. .

🍫🍫Leave to cool in the tray and the cut into squares or triangles . .

🍫🍫Stuff your face 🐷 .