Getting ready to eliminate………..

Sitting here drinking my last brew made with cows milk for the next 12 weeks, and I’ve quickly whipped up some lemon icing to cover the last of the all butter short breads we made over Christmas and shoving those down my neck too!! 
Just about to start 12 weeks of eliminating yeast, grapes, eggs, dairy, gluten and sunflower seeds from my diet as per the results of my intolerance test from York test. 

Not that you’d know it by my current snack, but I actually can’t wait to start! I know most people feel bloated and ready to eat healthy after Christmas but I definitely do! I look about 6 months pregnant and I’ve put on nearly 7lbs! 7lbs on is defo the wrong way for what I need! But we’ve had a great 2 weeks so it’s all worth it.
I had wanted to try veganuary this year too but yeast is in SO much stuff I’m going to focus on this right now and once I get the hang of it think about eliminating the meat and fish aspect too. 
The girls diets will remain as so at the moment (well I mean as so as in prior to Christmas not as so now which would be selection boxes for breakfast!!) – but we regularly use plant milk as well as dairy too so that will continue. 
Anyway, it’s going to be tough but I can’t wait to see if I feel better and fitter and healthier after 12 weeks! I’ll try and give some updates as I go along – wish me luck!!

York test story so far 

My York test experience
If you go to my Instagram page @babytoddlerfoods you will see a video of me receiving my York test kit. The York test ( was really easy to complete – you just prick your finger with the kit they send and follow the instructions tickle the a blood sample from the tip of your finger. 

The results can back within a week, however it has taken me a little longer to take the results on board as it will have a MASSIVE effect on my diet as it currently stands. 

The advice is to have a nutritional therapist consultation prior to setting your new diet. I decided to do the diet for a week first to work out what questions I would need to ask. BIG mistake!! I did cut out all the stuff that was suggested but I hadn’t really prepared and didn’t have the correct foods to replace the ones I was cutting out. It was hard work. After a week it was my sister’s birthday afternoon tea party and I caved – MASSIVELY!! Cake, milk, pastry….. I felt SO ill afterwards. 
During the week of cutting out I did feel really good. No sickness feelings in the evening and after the first 3 days more energy. 
I need to start again as I KNOW this will make me feel so much better but I need to arrange to consultation, plan my meals and have the correct food to hand to prevent slip ups.
For me, Christmas is all about the food and time with family so realistically with it being 7 weeks away I know I’m not going to stick to removing my trigger foods during that time.
I really really want to fully engage in the complete 12 week programme to get the best results and to feel the best that I can. 
My plan is to have my consultation, work on reducing my trigger foods and from January 1st start the 12 week programme – wish me luck! 
I will update this blog post nearer the time 👍🏻