Bostik Christmas craft 

Hi guys!! It’s never too early to start Christmas crafts and with bostik glu products it’s never been easier to get the kids involved!

Today we made a Rudolph bag, a Christmas card and an angel for the top of the tree!

So easy and so much fun!
The Christmas tree angel –

A Christmas tree fairy 

You need- 

Bostik white glu

Bostik glu dots

Bostik fine and wide glu pen

Toilet roll

Polystyrene ball, cut in half

Pink felt

Googly eyes 

Marker pens


White pipe cleaner 

Gold pipe cleaner 

Gold twine 

White felt 

White netting 

Glue the pink felt around the 1/2 ball to make a head using bostik white glue

Glue on the eyes and the thread to make hair using bostik glu pen

Draw on the face with the markers 

Glue the white felt, gold twine and netting onto the toilet roll

Stick the white pipe cleaner into the head 

Attach inside the toilet roll using bostik white glu

Let dry then cut the gold pipe cleaner in half and make circles

Secure in place with a bostik glu dot then stick with white glu, allow to dry 

Place on top of your Christmas tree

A reindeer bag

So easy! My 5 year old made this
You will need – 

A paper bag


Marker pen

A red Pom-Pom 

Gold leaves 

Bostik glu dots

Bostik fine and wide glu pen

Stick them on as pictured!! 

Christmas tree card

With a little help with the cutting this is another activity your kids can freestyle 
You will need –

Bostik glu dots

Bostik fine and wide glu pen

Green foam


Foam star 

Glittery things to make baubles 

Stick the hessian on to make a trunk with the bostik glu 

Cut the foam into a tree shape and stick that on with the glu too

Let your kids kids the decorations on with the glu dots