Holiday essentials

We’re just back from a lovely 10 days in Majorca and while nothing is really ‘essential’ on holiday other than sunshine and relaxation, I’ve complied a list of the things that can be really helpful while you’re away!

Micro-scooters eazy cases

These ride on cases from micro- scooters were an absolute GAME CHANGER for us this holiday. The girls are 6 and 4 so too big for a pram but still get hot and tired on holiday. Back home I like them to walk as much as possible but on holiday having to carry them after a long day at the beach is not ideal.

These cases went EVERYWHERE with us on holiday. They were great in the airport but also we filled them with out shopping for our self catering holiday, took them with us to the beach and out in the evenings when we went for a walk. The girls loved them. I was very lucky to have been gifted them however I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them they honestly changed our holiday and allowed us to do so much more. You can remove the case and just have the ride on seat but the case was so handy for essentials that we generally left it on. They are £99 each and worth every single penny!

Slipfree uk pool and beach shoes

These shoes are perfect for holidays! Not only do they stop slips around the pool but protect little toes from hot sand. I still spent every second shouting ‘don’t run’ at the pool but there was not even one little slide when wearing these. They also protect against burnt feet in the sun and helped grip on play equipment. My only regret is not getting myself a pair! They are brilliant! I was kindly gifted 2 pairs for the girls but again I definitely would buy these myself and I’m going to buy myself a pair for the next holiday we go on! You can twin with your kids! Prices start at £14.99 a pair

Beach powder sand remover

Anyone else love the beach but hate the kickoff from the kids when they’re covered in sand? Same!! But not anymore! So lucky to have been sent a beach powder and a beach powder shimmer to try on holiday. It’s a company from right here on the Isle of Man!! And it’s AMAZING!!

‘beachpowder is a brand new product which removes sand from the skin, leaving you silky-smooth and smelling fantastic. It’s talc-free, all-natural and safe for your skin and for the environment!

The subtle vanilla ice-cream scent is suitable for everyone – just sprinkle beachpowder onto towel-dried skin when you need to get rid of sand, then gently dust off with your hands.’

Honestly it’s like magic!! The girls Especially loved the shimmer powder which left a magical shimmer on their sand free skin! Prices start at £5.99 and a little goes a long way!

Nomnom kids pouches

I’ve been a brand partner for a few years of nomnomkids and I really believe in their products. I love taking the snack bags away with us on holiday as they take up no room in your case unlike bulky plastic tubs and are great for taking food to the beach in or for using as a first aid kit or purse!!

You can use code BTF15 for 15% off orders.

Reusable bottles

I don’t like buying bottled water but on holiday go have no choice. I took our bottles (gifted last year) and my bottle to reduce plastic use by buying bigger bottles and filling them up

What are your holiday essentials?

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