Baby shower gift ideas 

Instagram is a treasure trove of amazing independent stores that offer practical but fun and amazing ideas for mums and dads to be!! Let’s face it, there’s only so many baby grows one kid needs, so how about treating mum and dad to a special little treat at the baby shower instead?  

So my super cool friend Tam @australian_dad has written a book called ‘becoming daddy’. It’s a perfect eye opener for a first time dad to be, packed full of facts, anecdotes and humour. It’s a guide to what will happen, how Tam coped with it and for you to think about how you will cope with things. It’s in no way a ‘YOU MUST DO THIS’ book it’s like a cheat book to dad life so nothing will come as unexpected 🙌🏻🙌🏻 (well some bits will but that’s life!!) 

Or how about this book for the mama to be ‘how to grow a baby and push it out’ by Clemmie Telford @mother_of_daughters – she’s a midwife and mum of 4 beautiful little girls so Experiances from both sides of the fan…….. errrrrr fence 😂😂 

What does a new mum need? SNACKS!! Get her some of these @nomnomkids reusable pouches and snack bags and not only can she keep them for when she’s weaning the baby, before that she can make her own healthy smoothies and keep a secret stash of healthy snacks near her for 3am cravings or close by if she’s feeding ☺️

Speaking of snacks – imagine a snack that’s delicious and looks amazing and that you can personalise?!! Well imagine no more, just head over to @ladybakewellpark and order the new parents some biscuits?!! If they already know the name, how about popping that on the biscuits? Or maybe get some in pink and blue if they’ve not found out? Or their fav song lyrics………. the possibilities are endless 💜

Just as tasty but healthy too are the amazing snacks from @skinnybakery 😍 packed full of healthy ingredients and posted straight to your door. Give these at the shower, or get them delivered to the parent’s door in the days after birth. It will defo be appreciated! 

And on the same thread – water water water!! Make sure she’s getting enough by buying her one of these @hydratem8 bottles 
These aren’t available yet but these lidded hot drink cups by @mother_pukka not only look amazing AND keep your coffee warm but you’ll also be supporting the very very serious campaign about getting flexible working hours for parents. What more could a mamma want?!! 

What does every mum to be and new mum need? COMFORT!! How Gorgeous is this snuggley cosy ‘girl gang’ jumper by @essexmama ? As you can see suitable with or without bump! I’ve just ordered a varsity collection jumper for myself 😍 cosy cosy cosy 

Dad’s need to be cosy too!! How about one of these ‘breaking dad’ sweaters for him? @parentapparel have some seriously funky designs for mama too such as their ‘gin & on it’ and ‘are we there yet?’ – something any parent can connect with I’m sure! I’m also waiting for their ‘mental wealth’ jumper to launch. 

And while we’re on clothing how cute are these matching ‘raising the future’ and ‘the future’ tops by @mre_soeur ? I love these!! Perfect parent and little apparel 😍😍

Keep on the twinning theme with these super cute ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ bracelets by the ridiculously cool @woodyandflorence . I had one of these bracelets and loved it. A perfect little present and one that won’t break the bank either. A perfect reminder of joining the best club in the world ❤️

If in doubt @annabelkarmel it!! Annabel has cook books for everything!!! How about a book for pregnant mamas? Or a book for busy mamas when the baby arrives? Or better still, buy the books yourself and give her an IOU at the shower for some healthy, home cooked meals delivered to her door when the baby gets here to save her a job 👌🏼

And for those healthy meals how about some @oogaababy products? Parents can use these when weaning but before that they are PERFECT for leftovers (they come with silicone lids) and you can bake in them too, cutting down on the washing up – what’s not to love?!! 💚

Memories 😍😍😍 now this isn’t technically an Instagram store but how about booking the new parents a photo shoot with a local photographer? A family shoot like local photographer @liamgilman did for my beautiful sister and her family? Or how about a newborn shoot? There’s nothing like those first few days of a baby’s life and capturing it on camera is priceless 👼🏼 

If you can’t resist treating the baby to something then how about some nursery sparkle? @sparklechildlondon have some unbelievably STUNNING things on offer! How about this sparkle cloud for the nursery? I bought my girls a sparkly crown and wand each and they truly are the most beautiful things I’ve seen! How about getting something for an older child instead? Kristal also makes superhero masks for boys too……… go and check her out, not only is her stuff beautiful but she’s a beautiful person so you’ll want to give her your money! ✨✨

More baby ideas from @porterandbramble ⭐️ what about a beautiful custom print for baby’s nursery? You want it and Megan will make it to a stunning quality. Be quick though as she’s currently cooking a custom order of her own so will be shut for a little while 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

If you’re not sure what you want, then why not have a scan through @mackymoocreations and pick something up from there for the nursery wall? There’s so many cute and bright and beautiful designs I’m sure the only difficulty you’ll have is choosing only one 👌🏼

And lastly, how about getting a special present instead for a big brother or sister? These lovely designs for boys or girls (there’s lego crayons – need I say more??!!) are a sure win from @colormehappy_crayons . Why not get ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ in crayons, or their own name or fav shape? They could draw a masterpiece for their new little sibling 

Happy shopping guys!! I hope I’ve given you some great ideas 😍😍