Naturally purple pancakes 

💜140g blackberries 💜1 egg

💜120ml milk 

💜125g SR flour

💜14g honey (no honey under 12 months)

💜1tsp vanilla extract 

💜Tbsp coconut oil
💜💜Blitz all ingredients in nutribullet bar coconut oil

💜💜Heat pan to med/high and add coconut oil 

💜💜When melted pour the excess back into to pancake mix

💜💜Drop 3 separate soup spoonfuls a time into the pan (using a soup spoon helps keep them a uniform circle)

💜💜Flip and cook on other side

💜💜Serve with a drizzle of sweetener of your choice and fresh blackberries 

💜💜💜(Keep the pan well oiled to keep them as purple as possible or they brown) 💜💜💜