Banana coconut French toast 

banana coconut French toast with frozen berries 😍💜😍💜

💜💜 take 2 eggs

💜💜 mash in a bowl with 1 small banana

 💜💜 add a tablespoon of desiccated coconut

💜💜 Heat In a pan on med / high a blob of butter (or coconut oil) 

💜 dip a slice of bread in the egg mix and turn over

💜💜 on one side sprinkle with cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar (or better coconut sugar but optional anyway – I just like it when it caramelises a bit)

💜💜put the bread cinnamon side down in the pan and cook until Golden brown

💜💜 on the ‘raw side’ sprinkle with more cinnamon and sugar and flip

💜💜 cook until both sides are golden brown

💜💜 serve with fresh or frozen berries .


Great British bake off themed cheesy veg muffins 

I was set a baking challenge by @nothingbutsnack (who make the most amazing dried fruit and veg snacks) on a great British bake off theme. Thanks so much to @elliemdesign for an amazing artists perception of my cakes!! Proper GBBO style!! 

The girls thought these were really cute and look like sweet treats but they’re savoury cheese veggie packed muffins!! These would be great for an afternoon tea or a kids party. They’ll freeze great before decoration too – perfect for lunch boxes 🙌🏻🙌🏻

💚225g self raising @laxeyflour flour

💚100g @iomcreamery grated mature cheddar

💚1/2 chopped red pepper

💚1 grated carrot (excess liquid squeezed out)

💚60g crumbled feta

 💚100g sweetcorn

 💚175ml milk

💚1 egg

💚50ml olive oil

 💚1 tub full fat cream cheese

 💚Various bags of @nothingbutsnack dried vegetables

 💚💚Preheat oven to 200c

 💚💚Mix flour, veggies and cheese in a bowl

💚💚Mix milk, egg and oil in another bowl

💚💚Combine the 2 bowls

💚💚Divide between 12 silicone or paper cases in a muffin tray

💚💚Bake for 25 mins or until a knife comes out clean

💚💚Leave to cool completely

 💚💚Transfer cream cheese into a piping bag

 💚💚Cover the tops of the muffins with the cream cheese

💚💚Decorate with @nothingbutsnack tasty dried vegetables .


These muffins are so delicious – even without the topping!! 

Cinnamon and honey pancake coated Apple rings 

These cinnamon and honey pancake coated Apple rings aren’t the most photogenic – but they are DELICIOUS 😍😍

💛💛Make your pancake batter with;

💛150ml @iomcreamery milk

💛125g @laxeyflour self raising flour

💛1 egg

💛1tsp cinnamon

💛1 tbsp honey
 💛💛Core and slice 1 Apple thinly 

💛💛Heat a pan med / high with coconut oil and pour the excess into the pancake mix

 💛💛Dip (with tongs) a slice of apple in the mix and quickly place in pan (do 3 in the pan at a time) 

💛💛Cook until golden brown (this will happen quickly as the mix is thin and the honey can burn so keep an eye on it) on both sides

 💛💛Serve with a drizzle of honey and extra sprinkled cinnamon 

Carrot cake breakfast muffins 

 🍌🍌Carrot cake muffins🍌🍌

🍌190g ground almonds
🍌190g carrots, grated (about 2)
🍌80g sultanas

🍌30g chopped walnuts

 🍌1 tbsp honey (no honey under 12 months)

🍌2 tsp baking powder (GF)

🍌1 tsp cinnamon

🍌200g pitted dates

🍌3 ripe bananas

🍌3 eggs

🍌50g coconut oil

🍌🍌Preheat oven to 175c

 🍌🍌Line a muffin tin with cases

🍌🍌 add the grated carrots, banana, eggs, coconut oil, honey and dates to the food processor and whizz

🍌🍌 add the almonds, baking powder and cinnamon to a bowl

🍌🍌 mix the almonds with the wet carrot mix

🍌🍌 stir in the walnuts and sultanas

🍌🍌 divide between 12 cases

🍌🍌bake for 30-35 mins

 🍌🍌 cool and enjoy!!

 🍌🍌 freeze any leftovers or keep for a couple of days in the fridge

My lovely little lunch box’s peanut cookies 

@mylovelylittlelunchbox ‘s peanut butter cookies are amazing 😍😍 pictured here is 1 batch choc chip like the original and a second batch without the chocolate chips but topped with peanut 1/2’s for me!! 

These are so quick and easy and delicious and #refinedsugarfree (apart from the Choco chips which are optional) .


.Prepped and baked in 15 mins – perfect!!


. 🍪165g 100% peanut butter (like @meridianfoods or @picspeanutbutter 🍪cashews (I used flaked almonds)

🍪50g ground almonds 🍪40g desiccated coconut

🍪1tbsp vanilla bean paste (I used 1/2)

🍪2tbsp maple syrup (I used honey) 🍪65g chopped dark chocolate (I used milk chocolate drops) 🍪🍪Preheat oven to 160c

🍪🍪Line tray with baking paper

🍪🍪Chuck all ingredients bar the chocolate into a food processor and whizz until smooth

🍪🍪Stir in chocolate 🍪🍪Scoop out teaspoon at a time and roll into balls 🍪🍪Space evenly on the tray

🍪🍪Press down with a fork 🍪🍪Bake for 10-12 mins


🍪🍪Enjoy .