The fishery restaurant

So the wonderful guys at the fishery restaurant invited myself and my family to come and try their restaurant during their ‘kids eat free’ promotion time, offered on a Thursday night from 5-6pm.

This meal was very kindly gifted but I wasn’t expected to do anything in return but I can’t not talk about it – it was AMAZING!!

Now for a start off the restaurant in itself is stunning. It’s the perfect cross between classy and comfy and the manxest restaurant I’ve ever been in!

The manager Ciara and the lady waiting on (I didn’t get her name, sorry!) were the best hosts and offered a warm welcome and nothing was too much trouble.

The kids menu is one of the best I’ve seen with lots of options including either cooked or raw veggies on the side which is a brilliant idea! There’s also a veggie option which is great.

The girls were given a mini colouring book to use and keep on arrival and the use of some crayons to keep them entertained.

Miss 7 chose the chicken lollipops with skinny fries and raw veggies. I quote ‘that was the best meal I’ve ever had mummy! And the chips tasted like Macdonalds chips!’

Now when my kids put something higher than a happy meal then you KNOW it’s good haha!

Miss 5 chose the cheese burger (minus the cheese!), skinny chips and cooked veggies.

They also got a choice of drinks and it was served in a kilner mug which they loved! Nice big serving for the drinks too which I love!

The ladies served the girls meals with our starters as requested with no worries at all which makes the meal so much more relaxing when they’re not waiting to eat!!

Now on to us adults……. SO MUCH CHOICE!

I was very happily surprised to see a choice of meals for me that suit my plant based diet and they were super tasty too! The portions are massive!

For starters I had the sweet potato and coconut soup – Devine 😍

Mum had the kipper pate and my dad had the popcorn queenies. Queenies are his most favourite food in the world and he said these ones were amazing!

For mains I had the vegan cottage pie. With your main you get a choice of chips (skinny, Chunky or sweet potato AND a choice of side) I went with Chunky chips and the root veg. Mum went for the fishery burger with sweet potato wedges and root veg and dad had oven roasted cod with sweet potato wedges and cauliflower and broccoli cheese ………. AH – MAZE – ZING 😍

Literally the ONLY thing I could complain about is that I really really wanted to try the vegan sticky toffee pear pudding but I had so much in the first 2 courses I literally couldn’t fit in another bite!

The girls got an icecream with sauce and sprinkles for their pudding included in their kids meal offer

Miss 5 finished every last drop and LOVED the fact it was served in a mug!

Miss 7 decided to decline her kids meal icecream and shared a brownie and icecream with my mum

The food was all absolutely top class! We all really enjoyed it.

I have also never had an apple orphanage juice served so posh!

One of the most important things to me when I eat out is cleanliness. The whole place was absolutely spotless. The toilets were not only spotless they are really funky too! The sink is shaped like a massive shell and the wall paper is old pictures of the Isle of Man!

All in all this place is an absolute hidden gem. The food, the service and the atmosphere are all just brilliant!

And how cool is it that you can bring your kids on a Thursday between 5pm and 6pm and they eat FOR FREE!


Thank you so much guys! We had the best time and we most certainly will be back very soon!

If you’ve not tried it guys I suggest you book for next Thursday ASAP! Or before if you can’t wait that long!


Stamptastic review 

Guys!!! I literally wasted 2 hours of my life THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK by ironing labels in my girls clothes only for them to come off after ONE flipping wash and tumble dry – GGGGGGRRRRRRR

I saw Peta Todd using a stamper one and wished I’d seen them before I’d spent ages ironing however little did I know that they’d come off anyway! 

I was so happy when Francesca from Stamptastic offered to send me one to try. I LOVE IT! I got it a couple of weeks ago and have stamped, washed and timble dried the items at least 3 times since then and the stamp is still clear as day!! So easy to use and such a time saver! 

(I’ve used pics from the site as I don’t like to use my girls names on social media)

So easy to order too –

Choose your name to be either on one or two lines 

Choose your font

Choose a cute little icon (or not)

Review your order and add the stamp pad to the order and TADA you’re done!! 
Only a parent could have designed these realising the yearly struggle we all face haha 😂😂
Get one – you’ll thank me I swear!! 
Standard Name Stamp

Getting ready to eliminate………..

Sitting here drinking my last brew made with cows milk for the next 12 weeks, and I’ve quickly whipped up some lemon icing to cover the last of the all butter short breads we made over Christmas and shoving those down my neck too!! 
Just about to start 12 weeks of eliminating yeast, grapes, eggs, dairy, gluten and sunflower seeds from my diet as per the results of my intolerance test from York test. 

Not that you’d know it by my current snack, but I actually can’t wait to start! I know most people feel bloated and ready to eat healthy after Christmas but I definitely do! I look about 6 months pregnant and I’ve put on nearly 7lbs! 7lbs on is defo the wrong way for what I need! But we’ve had a great 2 weeks so it’s all worth it.
I had wanted to try veganuary this year too but yeast is in SO much stuff I’m going to focus on this right now and once I get the hang of it think about eliminating the meat and fish aspect too. 
The girls diets will remain as so at the moment (well I mean as so as in prior to Christmas not as so now which would be selection boxes for breakfast!!) – but we regularly use plant milk as well as dairy too so that will continue. 
Anyway, it’s going to be tough but I can’t wait to see if I feel better and fitter and healthier after 12 weeks! I’ll try and give some updates as I go along – wish me luck!!

York test story so far 

My York test experience
If you go to my Instagram page @babytoddlerfoods you will see a video of me receiving my York test kit. The York test ( was really easy to complete – you just prick your finger with the kit they send and follow the instructions tickle the a blood sample from the tip of your finger. 

The results can back within a week, however it has taken me a little longer to take the results on board as it will have a MASSIVE effect on my diet as it currently stands. 

The advice is to have a nutritional therapist consultation prior to setting your new diet. I decided to do the diet for a week first to work out what questions I would need to ask. BIG mistake!! I did cut out all the stuff that was suggested but I hadn’t really prepared and didn’t have the correct foods to replace the ones I was cutting out. It was hard work. After a week it was my sister’s birthday afternoon tea party and I caved – MASSIVELY!! Cake, milk, pastry….. I felt SO ill afterwards. 
During the week of cutting out I did feel really good. No sickness feelings in the evening and after the first 3 days more energy. 
I need to start again as I KNOW this will make me feel so much better but I need to arrange to consultation, plan my meals and have the correct food to hand to prevent slip ups.
For me, Christmas is all about the food and time with family so realistically with it being 7 weeks away I know I’m not going to stick to removing my trigger foods during that time.
I really really want to fully engage in the complete 12 week programme to get the best results and to feel the best that I can. 
My plan is to have my consultation, work on reducing my trigger foods and from January 1st start the 12 week programme – wish me luck! 
I will update this blog post nearer the time 👍🏻 cups and bowl

So lucky to have been kindly sent these bowls and sippy cups from  

These bowls with the straw are SUCH a good, fun idea 🙌🏻🙌🏻

The girls usually tip up their bowls to get the milk from their cereal, or leave it, but these bowls let them drink it straight from the bowl!! 

Even better still is that you can remove the straw and attach the silicone cover which turns the bowl into a spill proof snack tub AND has a lid for snacking on the go 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Now I knew I would love the innovation that is these weighted straw bottles. Baby wakes up for water in the night, and if it’s a straw cup she will sometimes tip it up, leaving the straw out of the water – MAJOR KICK OFFS!!! These are brill and the girls love them as much as I do!! You can buy replacement straws and a special cleaner which you would definitely need if you were giving anything other than water in them to make sure 100% of residue is removed. REALLY impressed with both products – thank you very much! ☺️


To order check out – they ship to U.K. from this site. And for all of you from the US the site is

Bowl and straw – passion splash

sippy cup – orange zing – limited edition