Nut free date energy balls 

Date energy balls 
Every other energy ball I’ve ever made has been packed with nuts – peanut butter as base and wxtra nuts added. I’m not sure if little miss M’s school is nut free but to be on the safe side I wasn’t going to send any in with her. I saw someone else (I can’t remember who – I’m so sorry!!) make some nut free bites so thought I’d have a go myself. THESE ARE DELISH!! 

Perfect little nut free energy bites 😍
200g organic medjool dates

30g raisins

1/2 tbsp coconut oil 

1 1/2tsp cinnamon (I like them really cinnamon-y!!) 

Porridge oats 
De stone your dates and put them in a bowl, cover them with boiling water for a few minutes 
Drain the dates and whizz them with the raisins in your food processor 
Add the porridge oats a tablespoon at a time with the cinnamon, until you reach the consistency you desire (it can depend on how much water your dates soak up and how chewy you like your bites! So no proper measurements here) 
Roll into teaspoon amount balls 
Place in a airtight container – separating the layers with baking paper and store in the fridge 

2 thoughts on “Nut free date energy balls ”

  1. You have coconut oil in the recipe ingredients but then don’t mention it in the recipe directions…?? I’m just wondering if it was added to ingredients by mistake or left off of the directions by mistake!?


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