Mansion pie 

Mansion pie – the upgrade to a cottage pie 😂👍🏻
If you fancy some thing a bit different but still warm, comforting and easy to make ten this is your dish!! I’m not a measurer so please excuse me!!

1 packet organic minced beef 

Splash of red wine

Garlic puree 

Tomato sauce 

Tin chopped tomatoes 


Butter (unsalted)

Handful of grated cheese 
Brown the meat in a pan, when all brown add a big splash of red wine (50ml ish)

Bring to the boil until wine evaporates

Add the garlic, tomato sauce and puree and tin tomatoes 

Being to boil again and the simmer for at least an hour

Transfer to dish 

Make mash with your potatoes and butter and mix in the cheese 

cover the meat mixture with potato
Bake at 220c for 25/30 mins till the potato on top is crispy