Chocolate fruit and nut porridge bites 

Porridge bites!! 
These are a brilliant breakfast idea – from babies to toddlers. A quick and easy mess free way to serve porridge. These can be vegan and gluten free (if you use gluten free oats) and the varieties are endless!! Today I made chocolate fruit and but but I’ll add some other ideas at the end 🙂
 ingredients (to make 4) 
💗2 soup spoon fulls of oats
💗1 soup spoon full of ground almonds
💗1 tsp cocoa powder
💗2 tsp honey ( no honey for under 12 months)
💗1 soup spoon full raisins 
💗 splash of milk (to make a thick consistency) 
Directions – 
💗mix all ingredients together 
💗divide between 4 silicone cups (if not push flat on a plate) 
💗 microwave for about 2 mins 
💗pop out of moulds or alive into fingers 
❤️you could try –

❤️❤️ grated Apple and cinnamon


❤️❤️chopped strawberries 

❤️❤️date caramel mixed in 

❤️❤️choc shot sauce 

❤️❤️pear and cinnamon