My weaning champions 

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for ages to give a guide of the different things that are out there for baby feeding. I wish I’d had access to all this stuff the first time round weaning!! These are in no way ESSENTIALS as nothing is essential in weaning apart from food, time and patience!! But these things really will make your life easier if you have the chance to buy them………

1) IKEA Antilop high chair
Without question the best piece of advice given to me when I started weaning was to get this high chair!! The tray comes off for easy cleansing and even fits in a dish washer! There’s no padding where food can hide and rot and the shape makes your little sit up really straight for the best eating position…… Best of all it’s cheap as chips!!

2) the food catcher 

Weaning is MESSY!! whether it’s baby led weaning, purees or a mix of the two – there’s gonna be mess!! I was lucky enough to be sent one of these mumma’s little helpers food catchers and it changed my life ha! Obviously it won’t stop the purposely launched at your head pieces of food, but the accidentally dropped or when a whole bowl of milk and cereal is tipped over it catches IT ALL!! Just scoop the mess out the bottom and wipe down or chuck in the washing machine – job done!!

3) Instagram!!!
I wasn’t on IG the first time round and there was limited support on Facebook. What I needed was real mums and real recipes and real advice and real support – IG has it all!! There are SO many amazing parents that are cooking wholesome, healthy and exciting food for their kids that you’d never need another cookbook! I will do a post on IG stating all my favs so you can give them a follow 

4) Annabel karmel 
While Instagram is amazing, there is nothing like flicking through a cookbook full of amazing photos and tasty recipes. Annabel karmel has it all; from purees, to family meals to treats and snacks ……….. So many books to choose from but they’re all amazing. She’s a weaning legend!


5) Baby led weaning cookbook
I take baby led to mean that baby shows me when she’s full. So be it feeding herself with finger foods or learning to use utensils or being spoon fed, I look for the clues as to when she’s had enough and don’t force more. The baby led weaning cook book has a bit at the start that explains what true baby led weaning is and is packed full of great meal ideas.

6) a food processor 
Any will do but my mum bought me this kenwood chef that is amazing. It’s a mixer and food processor too. Pricy, but my mums kenwood is still going nearly 50 years later (I swear I’m not joking). You don’t need one, a handheld blender will do but these make things so quick and easy, if you can get one, do!

7) nutribullet 
If you don’t have the spends for a food processor get a blender. I’ve recently got a nutribullet and I’m so impressed! I made carrot and orange juice for breakfast the other morning and I never would have been able to make the carrot into a juice in my food processor. Great for making hidden veg pasta sauces too!!

8) lillypots
I’ve never used this but I wish I’d known about them at the early stages of weaning. They’re amazing for defrosting and warming small portions of healthy homemade Frozen purees without a microwave. Just place over a pan of boiling water and voila!!

9) nomnomkids reusable pouches 
These pouches really are a game changer!! From making your own purees, to smoothies, soups, porridge…… The uses for these pouches are endless! You can even freeze them and pop in with the rest of your lunch to keep it cool in the summer and have a defrosted smoothie a few hours later! Honestly these pouches really have saved my life on more occasions than I care to remember. When you’ve got a tired hungry teething little baby or toddler these pouches will ensure you are able to get healthy wholesome yummy food in their tummy when their mouths are too sore to chew.

10) oogaa baby products
I love oogaa and I am really lucky to be a brand rep partner. I could do a whole post on oogaa in itself! Sturdy silicone products that don’t eeeeeekkkkkk crappy toxins into your baby’s food, that look great, wash well and YOU CAN BAKE IN!!! They are so cool and the spoons etc with the planes and truck details are a kiddies dream! They also stock mats and teethers but honestly my baby loves chewing on one of the spoons when there’s a pesky tooth on its way!! I managed to pick up a bowl and 2 spoons in TKMAXX right at the start of my second weaning journey and it became a firm favourite fast!

11) nuby
Nuby make brilliant BPA free drinks bottles that all come apart for proper cleaning unlike some other brands. They are brilliant for the transition from bottle to cups and last forever!! Nuby also have some brilliant feeding utensils like their new sure-grip range of mats with divided sections for easy scooping without the plate moving for new little eaters. Their forks are great too!

12) doidy cups
Doidy cups are great for training littles to start drinking out of an open cup. They’re tilted so baby doesn’t have to negotiate too much tipping initially and let’s them get the hang of it with less mess.


13) dipper spoons
I used dipper cutlery by mam to train baby to use cutlery. You dip it in the food and the food sticks rather than having to scoop – ace for a learner!! Numnum have brill ones too that friends have used.

14) ice pop moulds
These are another perfect way to get fruit and veg into your littles and a saviour for poorly teething gums!! Make a specific flavour to freeze or use up leftover smoothies – these are brill! There’s lots of varieties on the market but I use Annabel karmel for Nuk ones and they are brill!!

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