Peanut butter honey pancakes

Basic pancake (drop scone) recipe. These are thicker than traditional ‘pancakes’ and you can get about 3 a time in the frying pan. Fry in butter or coconut oil for best results 
130g self raising flour

1tsp baking powder 

1 egg

150-160ml milk
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and you have your mix. You can add literally anything to this mix – your imagination is your only limitation!! Today I added a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter and a table spoon of runny honey – Delish!!! 

Add a table spoon sized portion for each pancake (drop it off the rounded end and your pancakes are more circular) 3 at a time to a med-high preheated non stick pan with either coconut oil or butter in.
Fry on one size until you see bubbles  forming at the side, flip and fry again for a minute or so.

You can flip again if they’re not golden brown.
These freeze really well if you manage not to eat them All!! reheat in the toaster

I served these with some Sweet Freedom Choc Shot sauce (refined sugar free) and they went down a treat!  



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